The Mobile Life

Its been the 21st century for a decade now, and most of us have become accustomed to this new mobile life. We spend all this money on the next new mobile device, we download all these ringtones and apps, we send pics to our friends and put them on Facebook.We post what we are doing every 60 seconds. We read up on the latest gossip. What is it all for? Are we just talking? Do we get carried away with the things we post?

If you ask me, yes I do get a tad heavy at the key pad posting my every thought, or just trying to get the opinion of my friends of Facebook. Does anyone think its a fad that will soon stop? Or will we be forever posting and commenting about who knows what. I honestly don’t know.

So lets keep posting and uploading our pics and post something crazy, or drunk text your ex. We know we have all done it.