Working 24/7

The moment you wake up your working. You get out of bed and get ready to go to your paying job your working. You try to clean up a little before you leave, your working. You try to explain why you came home late yesterday to your spouse, your working. You scramble around in the fridge to try to reduce the hunger in your stomach while still trying to find something to take with you and eat later for lunch, your working. Then you get in your car and have to deal with everyone else’s morning blues, dealing with the crappy traffic and then when you finally get to your actual job you realize you forgot something you needed and now you know you cant go back home so you just have to deal with the fact that your just going to have to go on with out it today. So you go to work and do more than your expected, you bust your ass and attempt to improve your self. You listen to other peoples problems and attempt to be sympathetic. Then you find out there was a meeting and no one told you about it so you say to your self “screw” it look at your watch and its time to go home. You log off your computer and make sure you don’t leave anything on your desk because it might not be there tomorrow and you walk out the building into the parking lot looking around making sure no one see’s you to stop you to talk. You get in your car and you drive back home thinking about what you want to eat for dinner, “Do I wanna order out, stop somewhere, or cook something”. You get home and you find that there is no parking spot close to your door, walk a few steps you get in and walk in to the kitchen and find that there are dishes in the sink, this instantly turns you off from cooking food. Then you look for leftovers and just not feeling inspired to warm something up. Then you realize that old food has been in there for a week so it cant be good. Then your spouse comes home and suggests that we go pick something up. Ignoring the fact that the house is a mess and your OCD is on a frenzy just looking at it but you try to compose your self and you utter “Ok lets go”. You get back in your car hoping that someone will leave when you get back and you can get a closer spot, Your spouse tells you, “I don’t know what I want” This frustrates you because now you don’t know which way to go. Then you bite your tongue because you don’t wanna piss your spouse off. Then finally your spouse says “Lets get some subs” and your like “Ok”. You drive to the little place that has the best sub and you order 2 with everything on it. You go home you eat your food you try to watch your favorite show with out falling asleep because its late and you got to do it all again tomorrow thinking its Friday and it not, the weekend is a whole other story. To be continued…….

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  1. Are you stalking me? This is pretty much my life except there are kids & we had a pizza. Oh & the stuff on my desk pretty much stays there b/c no one else wants to deal with it!


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