Best food spot ever!!!!

Now I normally don’t rave about food because I can get carried away but, my most favorite fast food spot is the Chipotle Mexican grill. I don’t remember when the first time I started eating there, feels like its Ben forever.
I love Chipotle because the food always taste amazing
When I go I always get a burrito bowl with Brown rice, black and pinto beans, fajita peppers, chicken as my meat choice. Chili corn, mild salsa, cheese sour cream and toped with shredded romain.

It’s the best tasting food ever. Now I’m a big BIG fan of Mexican food and I’m also trying to watch my weight.
Chipotles food is good and healthy for you to eat on a weekly basis.

I highly recommend everyone to go try it once. And while your there grab a fizzie sparkling drink very tasty and low in calories.