Fantastic 4 2015 (Review)

Its been a while since I posted anything on here, however I am now going to make this my movie review blog. Specifically focusing on comic book and super hero movies and TV shows of both DC and Marvel.

When I found out there would be a new Fantastic 4 movie being made I was excited as I am a big fan of the Fantastic 4 franchise.

Lets get right to the review. (SPOILER ALERT)

The movie completely wen’t into a different direction of the comic book as far as origin story’s. They did travel to another “planet” however they were never in space and was not hit by a cosmic storm that had given them powers like in the comics. I think for a comic book movie you should not mess with the story like that. The story also focused on Reed Richards as a kid and how he befriends Ben Grimm, in the beginning of the movie, then the movie skipped ahead 7 years to when Reed and Ben are teenagers. The movie dragged on for almost an hour before they got their powers, and then they skipped to a year later in the film to where they had fully developed their powers but were under control by the government.

The cast was OK, however I don’t think they should have been so young although the actors and actress them selves age ranged from 28 to 32. It should have started out with Reed already well into college if you ask me. The CG animation looked dated and unrealistic. I have seen much better animation than what was done in this movie.

For what could have been an amazing movie feel short on several counts. I honestly think that Fox was trying to get in on the super hero movie revenue since Marvel had already announced its up coming movies over the next 5 years. Since Fox continues to own the rights to the Fantastic 4, only they cane make movies, however there have been reports by Bleeding Cool that the comic book series would end in April 2015 with its last book #645 titled Fantastic Fourever. This would hurt any advertisement opportunities Fox would have with comic book fans. For the record, I honestly think that Fox should just give up its rights to the Fantastic 4 and let Marvel Studios bring the super quarto team into the Marvel cinematic universe for what could be a much better movie, since Marvel Studios  and Disney has done such a “Fantastic” job on its movies this far.

Here is one more look at the stillborn Fox gave birth to.

And how I felt about after I watched the movie.
FOX!!! Learn Something from this!