Why I am saying NO to the iPhone 10/X

Every year in September iPhone owners and techies anticipate the unavailing of the newest iPhone. And every year Apple has a Keynote explaining the new specs on the new iPhone. This year Apple unveiled 3 phones. The iPhone 8 the iPhone 8 Plus, and the all new phone iPhone 10/X.

Apple called the iPhone 10/X their 10 year anniversary phone. Now people were all excited to see this new phone and all that it can do. Some of the biggest changes to the iPhone with the iPhone 10 at a glance is the edge to edge OLED display and the missing home button. However many people mock the little nudge in the upper area of the screen. This is where the front facing camera, and other facial scanning sensors reside. The phone also looks a little idiotic if you ask me. The technology has been around in Android phones for the last 4 or so years, so this is nothing groundbreaking for the cellular device world. However I do think that Apple has advanced the facial scanning technology, but  I’m not completely sold on it. Also the fact that the Face ID technology is the only way to unlock your phone with out a pin, I don’t think many people will trust it.

Looking at the phone it does look intriguing however the price tag of $999 is not something to just splurge on. Unless your on a flex pay plan with your carrier. The price for the iPhone 10/X 64GB will still add a 49.99 per month payment on your bill. While other devices will cost you much less. The phone could cost up to a whopping $1300 if you include the wireless charging pad, and if you get the 256GB phone. That’s the same price as a entry level Mac Book Air. Think about it.

Started looking at other reviews on YouTube and came across this video by SSSniperWolf who did a honest and funny review on why you shouldn’t buy the iPhone 10/X. She helped me and others decide if the 10 was worth upgrading too. Check it out.

Video Source YouTube.com Reviewer SSSniperWolf

After watching this and other videos I came to a decision that its too soon to upgrade to a totally new technology iPhone. Not only because of the price tag, but because by 2018 and 2019, Apple will have reviled a new version of the iPhone 10/X, probably the iPhone 10S that will be a million times better than the original phone after they listen to what people have to say about the phone and make necessary changes, at least that’s what were hoping. I’m guessing there will be a smaller version of the iPhone 10/X. My other prediction is that by 2020 Apple will faze out the original iPhone and we will be stuck with the iPhone 11.

To answer your question yes I did upgrade my iPhone 7 but to the iPhone 8 Plus, because I’ve always wanted a plus. The only reason why I think you should upgrade to the iPhone 8 is if you still have a iPhone 5 or a iPhone 6. If you have the 7 you can wait a little longer. But if you wan’t a plus with next generation dual camera technology then the iPhone 8 Plus is your next phone. This will probably be my last iPhone until 2020.

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