"Charmed" CW Reboot

One of my all time favorite TV series was Charmed. Charmed originally aired on the WB back in the late 90’s. It it was a family oriented drama that featured 3 sisters who discover they are witches after the younger sister Phoebe moves back in to her childhood home with her sisters after their grandmother passes away and discovers a hidden family secret that would change their lives forever. Prue, Piper, and Phoebe Halliwell attempt to continue living their lives as “normal” woman witches, however after awakening themselves as the Charmed Ones they become the target of some of the most evil creatures on the planet. Beings that attempted to either kill them, steal their magic, or turn the good witches evil. This created a power struggle as the sisters soon find out that they will become the new most powerful source of good magic that the world has ever known, “The Power of Three”. The sisters faced evil beings while uncovering more family secrets, and coming across other magical creatures in the world.

At the end of the 3rd season actress Shannen Doherty decided to leave the show. There was no apparent reason for her exit, most theories point to the fact that Shannen and Alyssa did not get along on set during that time, and there was a lot of disagreements between Shannen and executive producer Brad Kern in reference to the shows direction. During the wake of season 4, the show continued with a new cast member.  The story behind Shannen’s exit of the show was that her character Prue Halliwell was killed in battle by the demon assassin Shax at the end of season 3. Actress Rose McGowan took Shannen’s place in the show but as the long lost sister that was given up for adoption at birth. Page Mathews was half witch and half whitelighter and was the love child of the sisters mother and the mothers whitelighter.

(If you ask me the change up may have made the show better, although Paige was annoying in the beginning, but I grew to love her toward the end.)

The show aired for 8 seasons on the CW network however back then the network was called the WB. Although the show ended in 2006 the story continued in comic book form when Zenescope Entertainment acquired a deal with CBS and Warner Brothers to continue the series in graphic book form. While using the likeness of the original cast in the series. The comic book series continues the story of the Charmed ones on to season 9 and is now in its “10th season” with its last reported printed issue #44 released on September 14th, 2016.

                                                       Photo credit Zenescope.com

After 12 years since the original TV series ended, CBS attempted to revive the series with a show of the same name “Charmed”. CBS received a lot of backlash from the original cast and fans, because of the prologue. The new show would have taken place in the 70’s with 3 woman “friends” who discover they are witches. This version of the CBS reboot of Charmed never took off.

Fast forward to 2018, The CW issued a pilot order for the reboot of “Charmed”. This time the show would take place in present day with three sisters living in a college town. The reboot is based on the a story by Jennie Urman creator of the CW’s “Jane the Virgin”.

TVLine has obtained casting breakdowns. You can find this information on the link below.

Charmed reboot casting breakdown

As a big fan of the show I always wanted to either see a theatrical movie of “Charmed”, maybe in three parts to kind of wrap up the series with the original cast. Or a new show that focuses on the children like Wyatt and Chris as they continue to battle new enemies. This would have been a cool way to reintroduce the show to new audiences and the long time fans of the show. I guess having a show about the male witches Wyatt and Chris battling demons would be too much like “Supernatural” that’s currently still airing on the CW.

When I first heard that the networks were in the development phases of bringing back the show I was ecstatic because I wanted more Charmed and I’ve waited so long for news of something Charmed related. So far they have not announced casting information, and they have not confirmed casting anyone from the original show or involving any of them in the reboot, I am however still optimistic. The show may end up being a hit or a flop, however many fans of the original charmed are not too thrilled by the reboot, and a few of the original cast members Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan expressed their thoughts via twitter about the reboot. The new show may only appeal to the new generation of the CW, however the longtime fan base are not happy about the reboots characters so far. They still want the original cast.

The reboot only received a pilot order from the CW network, this means that it may or may not get a series order or make it to the air if the network does not approve. The original Charmed TV show had a pilot that never aired, same original episode 1 storyline however Phoebe was re casted with actress Alyssa Milano (Good call 😏 ).

At this point producers and writers should just listen to the fans, we know what we want to see on TV, and we know that the Charmed series should be like in present day. They should take that into consideration.

I guess we will just have to wait and see what the CW cooks up for us in the coming months.