Marvel’s Black Panther got one BAD review!! šŸ˜±

The highly anticipated Marvel Studios installment “Black Panther” hits theaters as early as February 15th. Although the reviews of the film gave itsĀ Rotten Tomatoes score a 100%, it wasn’t long before one reviewer took away “Black Panthers” perfect score.

And you wouldn’t believe the reason critic Ed Power who writes for theĀ “Irish Independent”Ā said about the film.

The critic said “The hero did not beat up enough bad guys”

Ok… I’m a fan of a lot of action in any action movie, and although I have yet to see the movie, I think that Power is missing the point of the whole movie and I question his taste.

We’ve allĀ learned that super hero movies have evolved from just being a “fight the bad guy” and “save the girl” type of movies. What makes all these super hero movies and TV shows more interesting and popular these says is the reality of “Yes we have these abilities, but we also have morals”Ā  and “We can just go around starting fights if we don’t have too”

With all that being said I think this “Ed Power” dude needs to check his preferences again. Hell, put me on a review panel I’ll bring that score back up!

You can see Marvel’s Black Panther in theaters Friday February 16th, tickets are on sale now!

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