Black Panther Review and Movie sabotage (No Spoilers)

As usual I went to see Black Panther, not one but twice already. I plan to see it again this week. The only other movie I saw more than once in the theater was “Wonder Woman”.

Black Panther is another Marvel Cinematic Universe installment that focuses on the superhero T’Challa. Black Panther was created by writer-editor Stan Lee and writer-artist Jack Kirby, who first appeared in Fantastic Four issue #52 in July 1966. T’Challa is king of the fictional African nation called Wakanda. In the comics and on screen Wakanda is known to be protecting the source of the most coveted metal in the universe “vibranium”. This precious metal is used in all the technology clothing and buildings used in Wakanda.

Black Panther is a great movie, it was directed and cut perfectly. Anyone who watches it can follow the movie and not be lost. If you have been watching all the marvel movies in the past 10 years you will understand what lead up to this movie and how it falls into place in the MCU. There are a bunch of people that will remain nameless who took to Facebook and attempted to tarnish Black Panther by responding negatively to the movie saying things like “I’t didn’t meet up to my expectations” or “The movie was hyped up and was a big disappointment”

Lets not forget the Facebook group that was created and dedicated to sabotaging the movie in any form or fashion. The group was shut down by Facebook after news spread that the people in the group planned to intentionally sabotage the movie.

In Baltimore at the Cinemark in Towson Maryland, all of the shows that was set to premiere on Thursday February 15th for some reason would not play. The staff at the Cinemark told news reporters that the digital file for the movie was corrupted and would not allow them to play the file. Towson Cinemark had to cancel all the showings for Black Panther that night.

In Atlanta, Regal Atlantic Station theater “accidentally” played “Fifty Shades Darker” instead of “Black Panther” Moviegoers stated that the incorrect movie played for 10 minuets before the theater turned it off.

Ratings for the movie on rotten tomatoes was perfect, and if you read my other blog about the less then perfect score you will understand why the score suffered a small blow. IMDb has a rating system where users can rate a movie or TV show based on how they felt about it. This was the perfect opportunity for internet trolls to sabotage the movie by giving it a 1 star rating despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews of the movie.

Currently the IMDb rating score rests at a 7.9, although we can agree this movie deserves a bit more than that. I have already taken the liberty to give my two cents with a mild review. The image below gives you an idea of how drastic the score looks and as you can see the films user score takes on an unusual pattern.

Don’t assume these numbers are accurate, Black Panther wasn’t even released in theaters when these scores were taken so the math doesn’t add up. Marvel has large fanbase so its likely fans took to IMDb to rate the movie before it was release, this also means that there are some people out there looking to destroy the movie by giving it a bad score.

The movie progresses the Marvel Cinematic Universe further towards its goal, because its all connected each movie connects to the others in different ways. The movie does bring something to the table that the others have not done yet. That is bringing a subject that many minorities can relate too. Once you see the movie and follow the story of T’Challa and Eric Killmunger you will discover why these cousins did what they did and why the movie it self is getting so much praise. Today Black Panther smashed the box office with a whopping 235 million in its opening weekend and is currently holing the #1 movie in America. So if you haven’t seen Black Panther yet then stop reading this and get your tickets!