WHY is Iris West dressed as a Speedster

If you haven’t been watching any of the DC comic shows on the CW Network you should be because they are fantastic, and frankly if you ask me they are doing much better than their “big screen” counterparts except “Wonder Woman” of course. The CW is currently running 5 separate super hero TV shows on their network with new episodes releasing weekly. The CW released a image or poster ad of a coming episode of the Flash called “Run Iris Run” that is set to premier on March 13th on the CW network.

The picture received a lot of back lash from viewers commenting that “Why is Iris becoming a speedster?” and others saying “This is why I stopped watching, the show is stupid now”

In the show we find out that there is a multiverse full of various different versions of Earth, thus expanding the possibilities of different versions of the characters. My theory about the episodes is that the Iris we saw in the photo is from another Earth and not the Iris we know. I don’t understand why people are so quick to get bent out of shape over an ad poster when they don’t know the full story behind it. It’s important to know the facts first before you act or rant on about something you don’t fully know why it is.

However I recently read a article on Comic Book dot com where Kevin Smith who directed this particular episode said that basically a metahuman was able to transfer Barry’s DNA to Iris, temporarily giving her the speedster abilities. So there you have it people.

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