BREAKING NEWS: Kristen Wiig confirmed for Wonder Woman 2!!!

It has been officially confirmed on a tweet by Patty Jenkins, director of the first Wonder Woman movie that actress Kristin Wiig will take on the role of Cheetah the main villain in Wonder Woman 2.

Of course the internet is freaking out about this. One side is excited about the news, others are on the fence and everyone else is just saying NO to this.

I on the other hand want this so bad, I wanna see Kristen transform into the actress she deserves to be. I love her because she is funny and talented, and she has proven to be able to take on many roles. It is hard for me and others to see her in more serious roles because of her track record and movies she’s been in, however I believe that Patty Jenkins and Kristen can make this work and its going to be phenomenal.

We’ve also seen castings that we thought was a bad choice like Heath Ledger, Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot, and each time we were proven wrong. So I trust that this choice was a good one and I believe that Kristen will kill it on screen!