A Wrinkle in Time Review, A Terrific Family Movie!!!! (NO SPOILERS)

I read numerous reviews about Disney’s “A Wrinkle in Time” and I thought, “wow is it really that bad?”

So me and my family saw it, and we all seem to enjoy the movie. I analyzed every part of the movie to see what was so bad.

I didn’t see anything wrong with the movie at all, it was thought provoking, beautiful, family oriented, and a love letter to not only young girls but young minority girls specifically.

The story line was however predictable, but it was a story from a book that was written in the 60’s, and a book that I read as a child.

All the acting was perfect, I had no complaints about each characters behavior and focus, however I did think “Calvin”, Meg’s potential love interest was a bit out of place, he didn’t add any diversity to the story, it felt like he was just there for the ride. The way he ends up going on the adventure with Meg and Charles Wallace felt out of place, and I don’t remember it being that way in the book.

Someone did mention in a review I read that “Charles Wallace” was annoying. In my opinion he was the most “Woke” character in the movie, besides the celestial beings portrayed by Oprah, Reese, and Mindy. He understood more and even though he messed up toward the end, he was great.

If you wan’t to take your kids to see a great movie, go see A Wrinkle in Time.