BREAKING NEWS: Marvel: The Road to Infinity War SUPER CUT!!!

Someone just mashed up all of the Marvel movies in this 20 minuet epic video supercut called “The Road to Infinity War” and it is just perfection!!!!

The twenty minuet video is a thank you letter to the people that made the Marvel Cinematic Universe a reality for lovers of the comics all over the world.

Edited masterfully by Charles Villanueva  @cfsvillanueva on twitter.

In the YouTube video description Charles left this introduction.

“Forged in the 11th hour and sharpened by their burdens, the story of the Avengers is one of pain, sacrifice, and friendship. With the help of their new found allies. Earth Mightiest Heroes will come together once more for the greatest battle of their lives. Its all been leading up to this This is the Road to Infinity War”

With out further ado…. This is The Road to Infinity War….

MCU Supercut – Road to Infinity War

Other credits
Music by Henry Jackman, Alan Silvestri, Dean Valentine, Really Slow Motion, Position Music, and Twelve Titans.