Why you shouldn’t always read movie reviews

There have been plenty times I believed that bad reviews for a movie means I shouldn’t go see the movie, sometimes they are right, but most times they are wrong. A lot of people have unfortunately let critics discourage them from watching a movie, or waiting to see it on DVD.

When we think about what makes us want to go see a movie in theaters, we think about the story, who is in it, what genre it is, and if the trailer was exciting enough to entice us to go see it.

Back in the day before the internet gave us the ability to watch movie trailers over and over, and before there was a channel dedicated to showing only movie trailers. “Yeah there is a channel dedicated to current movie trailers” The only way we would know a movie was about to come out was a TV commercial, we saw a billboard somewhere, in a newspaper, or you went to the movies to see a movie and you saw the trailer featured there.

Now with the power of the internet and social media we know when a movie is coming out years before it comes to theaters. We wait anxiously for the teaser trailer to give us a glimpse into what to expect, and some of us even buy tickets they day they are available.

Social media also helps to push a bad image on movies when critics and other movie reviewers are able to see advanced screenings of the movie and give their opinions before the public are able to see them. Some movie critics even go on news platforms and discuss box office hits and box-office flops, giving their dry and sometimes bias outlook on the movies they review.

Sometimes when a movie does not make enough money it’s because people didn’t go see it, and that could be due to a critic swaying the decision of the people to not go see the movie, by talking about how horrible it was. A major movie budget can be over $100,000,000 million dollars, so the movie has to make at least double that amount to be considered a success. Sometimes the timing of the movies release can factor into its success if there are other movies in theaters that people are more interested in seeing.

Anticipation of a potential block buster hit such as Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War is drawing a lot of attention of public viewership, and is another most anticipated movie of 2018 after Marvel’s Black Panther.

Just because movies like X-Men Apocalypse (2016), Suicide Squad (2016) Power Rangers (2017), A Wrinkle in Time (2018) and many other movies in that category received bad reviews doesn’t mean those movies were necessarily bad and don’t deserve to be appreciated for what they where, they just could have been better.

Movies are supposed to be entertaining, and not everyone will get the concept of the movie, and some movies aren’t for everyone. I don’t keep my self from seeing a movie just because a critic said they didn’t like it, I go see a movie because I like the idea of the story and want to go see the movie and enjoy it for what it is.

Movie scores or ratings should be ignored if you want to fully enjoy and judge the movie for your self.  So if there’s a movie you wanna see, go see it! Don’t let what the critics say keep you from what your heart wants.