Why TV and Movies from comics and books are never like their written forms

As a long time comic book fan for both DC, Marvel and others I and many other comic nerds have always wanted live action TV and movie versions of our beloved characters. Our wish has come true especially now with all the TV shows and movies existing and planned for the future.

Sometimes fans get disappointed when the story is altered or completely changed for the screen versions. A lot of people nag and get very upset that the stories that they used to know and love are nothing like what they are presented with when they watch it. Same things with books to movies. We read the book and then years later go see the movie and aren’t always completely satisfied with the outcome. We set our expectations too high or we set up in out heads that what we know the story to be will be exactly that when we see the movie.

However this is not the case. Hate it or not writers, directors and show-runners that take jobs to create these adaptations of comics and books are given the tasks to make these stories work on TV and in theaters otherwise they wont work at all.

There are several comic books and books that are years old, some even older, and they were written in a different era, a different time where the actual world was dealing with different issues.

Comic book stories are usually twisted and very over scaled versions real life issues. Throw in some super heroes, out of this world technology and science, and you have the perfect mix

In present day these stories and characters wouldn’t work on screen if they still have their same premise. So its important for the writers to maintain the characteristics of the characters while bringing them into the present era. An era where they have to deal with new issues, and new consequences.