I can probably guess who’s NOT in Avengers 4?!??

Please note that this is only speculation and not based on fact.

So I did a little digging the other day, and this may or may not be accurate. However I was able to confirm that Captain Marvel will definitely be in Avengers 4, along with most of the team except for one person. I was looking at the cast roster and someone was missing. Our jolly green giant! Thats right The Hulk played by Mark Ruffalo was missing from the cast list as well as our friendly neighborhood Spider Man.

Now I know this may be just a fluke since the movie doesn’t officially come out until next year and there may be a lot of changes that can and probably will occur during that time, but still we already know most of the cast has already shot their scenes for the still untitled Avengers 4 movie, at least I know Chris Evens said in a interview that he was finished shooting his scenes for the 4th Avengers movie, of course he may have to go back for some reshoots but for the most part he is done with the character.

However it is a known fact that one Avenger will die in this movie, but we have to rule of a few factors.

  • Iron Man has already completed 3 movies
  • Captain America has completed 3 movies, (if you count Civil War)
  • Thor has completed 3 movies
  • The Guardians only has 2 movies out, so none of them are really done yet
  • There is speculation about a Black Widow movie but no real information about that has been released yet.
  • Dr. Strange has only had one movie so it wouldn’t be him. However his second film has not been announced yet.
With this information their contracts probably stated that they will do 3 character building movies, and 4 crossover movies with some cameos thrown in.
The Hulk was the only character who only had one movie, and they re-casted the main character and replaced him with Mark Ruffalo.

The Hulk never had any more stand alone movies, he was only apart of The Avengers films, and most recently Thor Ragnarok.

When you look at IMDB under Avengers 4, you will notice that Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland is missing from the cast list.

We also know that Marvel/Disney is very secretive when it comes to casts of the movies, so its probably a good reason that these people were left out for now.

We can only speculate who will die in the movie, the cast weren’t even allowed to see the whole movie yet, and they each don’t know who doesn’t make it at the end.

The story about Chris Evens ending his role as Cap is making everyone believe that he is the one who dies, but thats probably not accurate since he is in the 4th movie.

Who knows, we might see Infinity War and find out that nobody dies in that movie We still have to see the 4th movie next year.

There are 3 new Avengers, Dr. Strange, Black Panther and Captain Marvel (movie coming next year, staring Brie Larson) They will either add to the Avengers roster or take the place of a fallen Avenger.

Also the reason we still don’t know the title of Avengers 4 is because the Russo brothers stated in a interview that the title will spoil Infinity War. So this means the title it self will give away too much information. Cray right?!

Whatever happens in Avengers Infinity War, it will change everything.