Facebook moving forward

Mark Zuckerberg went before congress this week to testify and defend Facebook and to come up with plans for data privacy on Facebook moving forward. Mark Zuckerberg is an American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur. He is a co-founder of Facebook, and is currently its chairman and chief executive officer.

Since is has been discovered that some facebook data as far as personal information, text, and phone call data may have been monitored and stored for redistribution to third party companies. Facebook has third party applications and information fishing links that may have used this data to spam, exploit or extort users.

Mark Zuckerberg during his testimony with congress was not aware of these allegations, and is taking immediate action within his company to irradiate and correct data breach problems.

One of the issues I find with Facebook is the constant click bate, that links you to an ad infested page where you can link your facebook account to a site that will show you how old you’ll look in 50 years, or show you who your ideal mate will be, or the ones that show you what your child will look like just by using information from your Facebook account.

I believe this click bate problem the main issue with Facebook currently. I believe this is how these third party hackers acquire information and then re-distribute it by selling it to other people.

Sometimes these apps gather information that you are not aware of, such as log in information. This is probably how accounts get hacked, and if your not using two step verification your just asking for your account to be hacked.

The more information you have on your Facebook page, the more these hackers know about you.

As of now there hasn’t been any significant changes on Facebook, I think Mark and his team are going to go back and start fixing the information leak holes that are present on Facebook.

You can do more by removing some key identifying information from your account, however if a hacker was able to get your information then its probably too late.

Start by changing you account password and utilizing two factor authentication methods for logging in.