CBS All Access… Is it worth it?

With all the subscription TV services out there people are starting to leave cable and opt for low cost TV viewing through streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

Many TV networks like the CW, CBS, ABC and FOX all offer the ability to watch their latest content for free, however they do not offer any extended viewing options for people who want to catch up from previous seasons unless the show is on Netflix or on Hulu.

CBS has a All Access subscription service that allows viewers to watch all of CBS content in one place. This is great… if you like CBS content.

The only show I have watched in CBS is Star Trek Discovery, and because this show is exclusively on CBS All Access I subscribed to watch this show.

Star Trek Discovery is a big budget TV show, so it was worth the price to subscribe to the service during the season.

I decided to subscribe for CBS All Access for a year at a reduced price of 39.99. It was offered to me via email, so I took the deal.

Although this is “All Access” some shows only have early seasons posted, for example Beverly Hills 90210 hit show from the 90’s that ran for 10 seasons only has its first season posted on All Access. There are over 130 TV shows you can watch on All Access, most of them are CBS reality TV shows like Big Brother and The Amazing Race.

CBS all access has a whopping 15 movies that you can currently watch, most of them are embarrassingly old and not popular.

Here is a full list of all the CBS all access content currently available for subscribers.

Currently available for streaming as of 4/18

I think that these networks are capitalizing on viewers loyalty to their content so instead of offering these shows on a all in one portal like Hulu or for free on their stand alone streaming service, they are asking viewers to subscribe to their service of only CBS content. Now CBS All Access is offered at only $5.99 per month, now this may seem like very little, however if you add it to all the other subscription services it can be costly in the long run, and your not really getting any good content or features especially for a paid service.

CBS All Access also gives you access to live TV streaming, so if your on your phone or on your computer you can watch their three channels.

People pay for Netflix for their abundance of TV shows and movies that you are not going to get anywhere else. Also Netflix works directly with some of the most talented actors, actress and production companies in the world and they offer more exposure for their work.

People pay for Hulu for also offering Movies and TV shows and live TV for both original Hulu content, and network shows that aired the previous day. Also Hulu is expanding their content by providing more original content. But because Hulu is a all in one service they offer more for the price of the service.

There are a lot of networks that are moving to streaming because viewers are looking into other TV options since traditional cable TV isn’t ideal or cost effective anymore. Also, people like the options of picking and choosing what networks they watch. With cable TV you pay for a package of channels you’ll never watch but end up having to pay for anyway. There are more affordable TV service outside of using a digital antenna like Sling TV, YouTube TV, and Hulu Live.

I have cut the cord 3 years ago, and I haven’t looked back yet.

I won’t be keeping my CBS All Access after my year long subscription expires. However when Star Trek Discovery season 2 premiers I will re-subscribe for the season. Everything else is not worth it.

What kind of TV service do you have?