SOUL Infinity Stone Uncovered! Updated!


This blog is based on a new theory on the whereabouts of the Soul Stone in the MCU. There may be spoilers ahead.

Now that Avengers Infinity War is a few days away I may have just accidentally uncovered a piece of information that everyone has been pondering for months over, that is the whereabouts of the 6th infinity stone in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Soul Stone!

My previous theory about the stone being hidden somewhere in Wakanda is no more. My new and possibly accurate theory comes from a simple questionnaire that determines what infinity stone you are on

After completing the questionnaire it was reveled that I am the Soul Stone. When this information was reveled to me they showed me the cradle or cocoon that was first seen in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 post credit scene.


You remember the scene when Ayesha was observing the cocoon and she said “I think I shall call him Adam” This comes from a story line directly from the comics except in the MCU’s version Adam is created by Ayesha using the cocoon and what appears to be a glowing stone in the upper part of the cocoon.

This is the image displayed to me when I finished the questionnaire.

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 9.07.22 PM.png

At first I was like “Wow I match up with the soul stone” could be a coincidence or probably a freaking conspiracy, and why did they show me the cocoon from Guardians of the Galaxy? That’s when I completely lost it! After a bit of examination I noticed the glowing area of the cocoon! Am I actually looking at the Soul Stone?!? I’m actually loosing my mind because nobody else as far as I know has uncovered or speculated on this bit of information. Why would this image be used to represent the soul stone when any image of the stone could have been used? So I started doing a little internet digging.

I watched that post credit scene again and did a bit of research and found out that in the comics Adam Warlock possessed and used the Soul stone at one point. In the MCU although it is not mentioned at any time during the film Ayesha may already poses the soul stone and is using it to create Adam by reanimating his body in the cocoon and using the power of the soul stone to bring life to him

Also because the Marvel Cinematic Universe changes some story lines from the comics all the time and keeps things secret until the film release people wouldn’t even notice something like that in a post credit scene especially when she talked about Adam, people only focused on the possibility of Adam Warlock joining the MCU at some point maybe in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 instead of focusing on what was right in our face the whole time.


If you look at the photo above of Thanos with the infinity gauntlet, you can see he has five stones in this photo, but the thumb also has a space for the mind stone but you cant see it in this photo. The stone I want you to pay attention to is the large yellow/orange stone on the back hand area of the gauntlet. The soul stone is the largest stone on the gauntlet, now look at the glowing object on the cocoon. Same color same glow, and it looks rather large considering there is a body inside the cocoon. Or it could be housed inside of something else just like the mind stone was housed inside of Loki’s chitauri staff.

soul stone rev.png

Remember, not every being in the MCU can even touch the infinity stones with their bare hands without killing themselves in the process. This is why the stones were housed in objects like the orb, the staff, and the tesseract.

The powers of the Soul stone allows the user to steal, control, manipulate, and alter living and dead souls. The Soul Gem is also the gateway to an idyllic pocket universe inside the gem itself. At full potential, the Soul Gem grants the user control over all life in the universe.

This would also make sence if Ayesha was trying to bring life to Adam, part of this story would line up to parts of a stroy line in the comics. Only in the MCU’s version Ayesha is the High Priestess of the Soveregin.

In the comics it was the Enclave, a group of earth scientists who created Adam and Ayesha aka HIM and HER.

In the MCU, Director of Guardians of the Galaxy James Gunn created the race known as the Soveregin for the film. The Soveregin are a race of highly advanced, genetically engineered galactic beings who live on the collective of planets of the same name. The Soveregin uses the birthing pods to create new versions of them selves and control the DNA of their race. The same kind of cocoon you see in the photos above, except something very different about this pod than the others. Ayesha is using an “ADVANCED” birth pod to create what she calls “Adam” in hopes that she can use him to defeat the Guardians of the Galaxy.

I think I just uncovered the MCU’s well-kept secret or did they include that bit of information in the questionnaire just to see if someone would put 2 and 2 together to figure it out?

UPDATE: James Gunn had dismissed this before on twitter when someone else had uncovered the same theory. However because of the secrecy in the MCU about stuff like this, I’m sure it was to shut down whatever was found since the “Powers that be” demanded it was false.

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 12.11.08 PM.png

I could be wrong about this and James Gunn may just be hiding the plot for Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3. Who knows whats really happening here.

However, If I’m right about this I have just located the final infinity stone!

UPDATE 4/28/18: Now that Avengers Infinity War is in theaters, I was able to view it twice. My previous theory about the soul stone is now null in void, however it was a really good guess if I say so my self. It was discovered in the movie that Thanos sent Gamora to go find the soul stone, she found a map to where it was but burned it and told Nebula that they can never let Thanos know about the stone, because of his plans to take over the universe with it.

When Thanos found out that Gamora lied about what she knew, he tortured Nebula until Gamora confessed. Then Thanos and Gamora ventured to the plantet Vormier where the Soul stone was hidden. There they meet the stonekeeper Red Scull, who was banished to the planet after he touched the space stone in Captin America The First Avenger. The stonekeeper explained that in order to take the Soul stone he would have to make the ultimate sacrafice, a soul for a soul. So he pushed Gamora off the cliff to her death, when he woke up the soul stone was in his hand and he placed it in his gaultlet.

Currently Thanos has all six Infinity Stones, and he did snap his fingers, now half the universe doesent exist.

We will have to wait until April or May of 2019 to find out what happens in Avengers 4.