Don’t TRUST door to door people!


Every now and then I get a knock on my door, sometimes its my neighbor giving me my mail that ended up in their mailbox. Other times its someone trying to give me information about something they can’t really explain.

Ever since energy and gas customers could opt to change their energy and gas supplier, there has been a spike in door to door representatives trying get you to change your supplier for a cheaper service.

To me gas and electric is all the same, Baltimore Gas and Electric will still deliver my service to my apartment, but the third-party energy supplier will supply my gas and electric.

For years I have had alternative energy suppliers because they were cheaper than using the gas and electric company supply and saved a lot of money by making the switch.

Representatives from different energy suppliers would come to my neighborhood every now and then to try to convince people into switching their current energy and gas supplier by saying things like “We want to make sure you’re getting your service at a low-cost” I mean who doesn’t want a lower electric bill? Or “I just want to make sure you’re getting uninterrupted service, I’m from the gas and electric company can I see your current bill?” They never say who they are at first or what the visit is about, but these people are just like any other door to door sales person, they want you as a customer and they will do whatever they can to get you to switch.

So what happened was, last week a guy came knocking on my door, when I opened the door he never said what company he was from and I never saw a badge (Red flag Number 1). He asked me if I received my gift card in the mail from my energy supplier yet, I told him “No, I never received anything like that”. Notice he never mentioned the name of the gas and electric supplier I was with, he should have already known that bit of information already. (Red flag number 2)

Then he goes on this rant about my Gas and Electric bill and how he needs to confirm my address ON MY BILL so he can make sure they send the gift card to the right address. (Red flag number 3)

At this point I’m annoyed because he wont go away and he wouldn’t take my hand written address on a sheet of paper, he HAD to see my bill (Red flag number 4). So I pull up my recent bill on my phone and he takes some information down on his note pad and said that he will submit this information to his corporate office and they will send out that gift card right away.

Once again, he never said what company he was with he said he works for the company that oversees all the standalone energy and gas suppliers in Maryland including my current supplier XOOM Energy and Gas.

A few days later I get an email from XOOM Energy and Gas stating that they have received my request to cancel my service with them. Now I’m confused because I never submitted a request. At the time I received the email I couldn’t call XOOM until the next morning because their office was closed.

So the next morning I call XOOM and long story short they told me to resubmit a new application online, so I did. 1 day later I received an email from XOOM energy and gas saying that their attempt to submit my application failed because I was already within another contract with another supplier. So I called BGE to identify what company my supplier was switched too, and to tell them to cancel my service with that supplier. The company was Maryland Gas and Electric, another alternative gas and electric supplier.

I reached out to Maryland Gas and Electric to confirm my information and then request cancellation with them so I can keep my current supplier. They told me that a request for cancelation was already submitted by BGE.

I previously tricked into switching to another company, and not only was I charged for my gas and electric, but I was also charged by the company. They was trying to charge me for my electricity use twice!

From now on I need to trust my gut and not talk to door to door people, because they lie and will try to trick you into doing something you may not want to do. It’s sad that these illegitimate companies are so desperate that they will lie to you to get you to do what they want.

Anytime you get a random person knocking on your door telling you that they have a special offer for you or they are from the energy company, it’s a scam! They are trained to lie to you and make you believe what they are telling you is legit!

If you want to switch your gas and electric suppliers do your own research. I have saved money by switching to a different company so for the most part it is something to look into if you’re looking to lower your bill. Just don’t trust the door to door people, they are just trying to reach their quota, they don’t care about you.