Toys R’ Us Closing Sale

We all found out over a month ago that Toy’s R’ Us was going out of business and has commenced their sale ranging from 5 – 30 percent off of all merchandise.

After visiting Toy’s R Us several times I have found that most of the items on sale are not worth running to the store to pick up these closeout items.

I went to Toy’s R’ Us to purchase a Nurf gun. All the Nurf merchandise was only 10 percent off. I was like “Okay” its something, but none of the Nurf guns were worth there set price even with the 10 percent. I purchased my first Nurf gun from Wal-Mart for a reasonable price and I got a better deal. The Nurf Items at Toy’s R’ Us we over priced and the discount didn’t make it any more intriguing for me to purchase there, Walmart still has competitive pricing for their items, and when I checked Amazon for the same item it was considerably more affordable than what I was looking at in the store.

Even before the closing sale commenced I never really shopped at Toy’s R’ Us for items I could get else were for less. To me Toy’s R’ Us was one of those stores where you could probably find something you can’t get anywhere else, and you better hope the price is right.

Walking around the store you will notice that everything is in disarray, things are not where they are supposed to be, and everything looks picked through. This goes for the three stores I visited here in Baltimore.

Things like Lego’s are only 5% off, so if you get a set that’s $29.99 your only saving $1.49, and thats before tax, so your really not saving anything substantial, and this goes for most major toys.

I think the biggest problem with Toy’s R Us is that they failed to stay competetive, with both pricing, selection, and features. Todays society want more convienece and that was  just not offered at Toy’s R’ Us.

The sales are of course final, so when you buy any item, its yours forever.

No take backsies!