Xfinity Instant TV Service

Xfinity is now making an attempt to get their TV customers back and compete with the likes of Direct TV, AT&T, YouTube, and Hulu, by offering a new service called Xfinity Instant TV.

The service, like Sling TV, YouTube TV and Hulu live offer customers with Xfinity Home internet service the option to stream live channels to their portable devices, as well as watch live tv on their Roku device.

Right now if you have an Android TV device you, unfortunately, will not be able to download the app, and the app does not google cast. If you have a Roku device you can download the app on that device if you want to watch Xfinity Instant TV on your TV.

Xfinity Instant TV costs 18.99 and you can add other premium channels, for an additional cost. You will also be charged a broadcast TV fee because it wouldn’t be Xfinity/ Comcast without the unnecessary fee. Although you can get the broadcast TV for free with your digital antenna, if you want to be portable you have to pay for it.

Is it worth it?

Currently, Xfinity Instant TV is only available if you have Xfinity internet service, also it lacks a broad scope supported TV devices it’s not the ideal service for people with other TV streaming devices.

It currently supports

  • Apple portable devices, iPhone and iPad
  • Android devices (not Android TV)
  • Amazon devices
  • Roku devices

Xfinity Instant TV FAQ