Hulk vs Dr. Banner – Issues in Infinity War

My apologies for all the Marvel/MCU stuff lately, but I have been captivated by the latest movies and fan theories for a while.

Spoiler alert!

***If you haven’t seen Avengers Infinity War then please do not read any further as this blog will contain specific spoilers.***

Ok, here we go!

Dr. Banner has an interesting ark in the that started to unfold in Avengers Age of Ultron (2014). If you go back to the scene after Wanda gets into Dr. Banner’s head and the Hulk comes out in rage and destroys a city in Africa. Tony aka Iron Man made effort to subdue him with the Hulk Buster. Tony had mentioned to Hulk that “He is Bruce Banner!” this seems to upset Hulk even more. But why was that? Why did the mention of Bruce upset Hulk more?

Moving on to later in the movie when Bruce rescues Natasha from Ultron’s layer, Bruce explains to Natasha that he’s not going to join the fight and they should leave together. Although Natasha likes this idea she really wants to help the team and she needs Hulk to help her. She then pushes Dr. Banner into a pit and this triggers Hulk to come out.

This is the second time they intentionally used Hulk as a weapon. Natasha also figured out a way to get Dr. Banner back after they were done with Hulk by using a lullaby. “Hey big guy, the sun’s getting real low”

Fast-forward to after they defeat Ultron, Hulk takes the quin jet and leaves the fight. We don’t see Hulk again until Thor finds him on a distant planet called Sakaar during Thor: Ragnarok (2017). Apparently, Hulk was lost in space until he was discovered by scavengers and was used to fight in the Contest of Champions.

This is where Hulks MCU ark gets interesting, we find out more about why Hulk left and why he remained the Hulk for over 2 years.

In Thor: Ragnarok, Thor talks to Hulk about how he got there, Hulk explains that he used the quin jet and Thor plans to use the quin jet to get back to Asgard. Hulk explains that he does not want to return to earth because earth hates Hulk, hence why he left in the first place. Hulk plans to stay on Sakaar where he is celebrated.

Thor escapes the Grand Masters home and gets to the quin jet Hulk follows him and destroys the jet. Then Thor plays that video when Natasha tries to get Hulk to come back, and Hulk transforms back into Bruce.

Bruce is disoriented and lost not remembering how he got to Sakaar or anything that happened since Ultron. Usually, Bruce can remember what Hulk does but when he talks to Thor he said it was different this time like Hulk was in complete control and Bruce had no control over what happened. The last thing he remembers is when Natasha pushed him into the pit to get the Hulk to come out, and now waking up and realizing he’s on a different planet and its 2 years later.

After Banner and Hulk help Thor’s team to defeat Hela, the remaining Asgardian refuges flea their crumbling land of Asgard aboard a stolen ship Korg stole during the rebellion on Sakaar. Thor sets a course to earth but Hulk and Loki are reluctant to go because both feel that Earth hates them especially after what Loki did and how earth feels about Hulk.

During their journey to earth, their vessel is intercepted by a larger vessel. It turned out to be Thanos ship. When Avengers Infinity War starts the very first scene in the movie shows the Asgardian ship under attack and are boarded by Thanos and his Black Order.

Hulk attempts to fight Thanos, however, Thanos appears to be too much for Hulk, it may have something to do with him already wielding the power stone. Many speculate that once Hulk saw that Thanos was stronger he decided to not help Banner and the Avengers stop him.

During the course of Avengers Infinity War, you see Bruce make several attempts to change into the Hulk to help fight however Hulk won’t come out. Some people think that Hulk is just afraid however that’s not the case, he is tired of helping the Avengers and being just the muscle of the group. Each time during Banner’s story ark they only want  Hulk when its convenient for them, so of course now Hulk is at a point where he is fed up.

Hulk is also evolving, becoming less primitive and more intelligent hence his conversation ability when he spoke to Thor.

We will probably see more of Hulk’s ark in Avengers 4 because apparently Hulk and Banner have lots to work out. Maybe once they are both working as a team again Hulk will be strong enough to fight Thanos.