This is America


There have been 22 school shootings in 2018, not to mention the countless other shootings across the country.

We can sit here and have moments of silence or give a memorial service for all the people whose lives were lost due to the senseless acts of violence that targeting our schools. We can sit here and think that this will never happen at our school, or in our community.

Nowhere is safe anymore, hospitals, libraries, the grocery store. At any time, at any given moment someone may want to take it upon themselves to murder innocent people. You can never really know why it happens, it just does. A lot of premeditation goes into a shooting rampage.

However you do have to sit and wonder, why would someone do something like this?

I wrote a blog months ago about mental illness. Mental illness is still the leading cause of suicide in America. Although we have more awareness of it, it is still a big problem, one that we have to figure out how to manage it better. Our country is still failing to provide help for mental illness. It is still looked at as a nonserious health concern with insurance companies so people try not to get help if they’re going to get a large bill. Most psychiatric service hospitals cost over 1k per day and that doesn’t include other services they may receive while inpatient.

We still have to deal with the issue at hand. Why is this happening? It’s it a gun control issue? Most definitely. Is it a mental health issue? Most definitely? We have to deal with these problems or they’re just going to get worse.

You know so many people were so concerned about the royal wedding this past weekend they weren’t even talking about the Santa Fe shooting. Are people that tired that they just focus on something else?

So more innocent lives were lost just because someone wanted to go on a shooting spree, and were watching a wedding that’s happening overseas in another country.

This is America



Photo credit: Scott Olson/ Getty Images