Baltimore: The most Dangerous city in America?

From a person that has lived in Baltimore for their entire life, reading an article that talks about how dangerous your home is a bit disturbing.

I am a semi-successful adult, just trying to make a living in this city it can be difficult to achieve because of the all the crime and blight that plagues the city.

I can say that I do find it difficult to venture out in my own home of Baltimore at any given time of the day. With all the things that happen to innocent people out there, I get discouraged to enjoy what Baltimore has to offer. I have been robbed twice and shot just for traveling home from work. It makes me think twice about making a stop somewhere outside my normal day.

Every year, Americans debate over which cities have the worst hoods. Although the murder rates dropped by 2% in the nations 50 largest cities according to a report by USA Today, Baltimore has been ranked the most dangerous city in America with over 56 homicides per 100,000 people in 2017, that’s higher than any other major city in America.

There are several factors that contribute to Baltimore’s murder and homicide rates, and that continues to be the drug crimes being committed, unchecked mental illnesses, poor gun control laws, hate crimes, the continuing nationwide turmoil surrounding police shootings and police brutality, and some youths disregard and respect for authority or the safety of others, the list goes on.

Some people may say there is no rhyme or reason for all the crime, and that people are just born bad, but I still believe that people who were exposed to trauma at a young age will grow up and become mentally flawed in some way.

Now I’m no psych major but I have over 10 years of experience in psychology and mental illness. People who have gone through trauma in there lives often act out in disruptive ways, these impulses can manifest over time as the individual gets older, and they can turn into what we see today in Baltimore. These kids, young adults, and misguided adults go out here and are robbing people, and breaking into peoples homes, destroying property all for nothing. They may get arrested but some get released back into the custody of their parents or go on house arrest, then the cycle continues.

It’s a vicious cycle that will take decades to fix. There are people out here trying to make a better life for their children and their families right now. I believe that the people of the city are moving in the right direction but it won’t be this life-time when we see the difference.