LGBTQ+ Pride Month and Pushing the “Gay Agenda” ??


We still live in a word where some people are “oppressed”, but not in the extreme way that minorities used to be years ago. The LGBTQ community has been and is still fighting for equal rights in America. We have been fighting to be accepted in the world so that we can live our lives just like every other person.

Companies across the nation have been in support of our fight for acceptance and equality. More and more of these companies have shown their support over the years in social media and in other ways.

This post was from a Facebook user that posted this photo last year and found that McDonald’s rainbow fries were trying to influence families.


Social media has always been a large platform to express standpoints and show support of a variety of movements. However because these companies cater to all people, some people disapprove of how these companies show support for the LGBTQ community. Many companies like McDonald’s, GameStop, Credit Karma and Target have temporarily changed their logos on social media sites to rainbow versions of their logos to show support of LGBTQ Pride month. However, some of the comments posted on the logos were disgusting, to say the least. Many people saying that the companies should not be getting political by pushing the “Gay Agenda” or the Homosexual agenda on the general public.

When Gamestop changed their logo on facebook for the month someone commented, “Looks like I won’t be shopping at GameStop anymore since they support the GAYS! Its F#@&in gross”

The comment section for Credit Karma’s rainbow logo change was filled with hateful comments from people who follow the company page. There were some people who tried to defend the bigotry being plagued all over the comment section, however, the reality is that most people will never support something they don’t fully understand.

Many people who disapprove of this lifestyle have expressed how they feel about the changes and how they feel about these companies and organizations support of LGBTQ rights.

I do have a problem with people saying that these companies are trying to “convert” straight people over to being gay by what they say is pushing the agenda.  This has never been something that the community does. The LGBTQ community has always been defined as people who are free to be themselves and to love who they want to love. This goes for everyone, every sexual orientation. It’s not just about homosexuality if you think about it the true meaning of the rainbow, in this case, it means freedom. Freedom to express your self, freedom to love, freedom to be yourself.

It’s a shame that we still have so much hate in the world. So many absent minded people that are still spreading their shameful behavior and misguided views on sexual orientation to the rest of the world.

One day maybe our children’s children will be able to walk down the street and hold their partner’s hand and not be frowned upon because of whose hand they are holding. Until that day comes, we will fight the good fight.