Disney/ Fox Deal has been accepted, pending shareholder votes

According to a report on C-Net, Fox has agreed to Disney’s new proposal to buy 21st Century Fox for $71.3 billion dollars in both cash and stock. Outbidding Comcast’s offer of $65 Million.

“We are extremely proud of the businesses we have built at 21st Century Fox, and firmly believe that this combination with Disney will unlock even more value for shareholders as the new Disney continues to set the pace at a dynamic time for our industry,” said Fox Executive Chairman Rupert Murdoch in a separate press release.

This comes as great new’s for Marvel Studios since Fox owns the rights to characters like the Fantastic 4, Deadpool, and the X-Men. Fans have been anticipating a massive movie crossover event since the MCU was conceived. Due to the issues with rights during that time the MCU was unable to incorporate those characters into the MCU.

Fox has failed the first 2 Fantastic 4 movies, and then again with the reboot what was even worse than the first two films. For years MCU fans have been begging Disney and Marvel to try and get the rights to the characters so that the movies can be done right. Hopefully with this new deal going through Marvel Studios will now be able to make the movies fans have been asking for.

Although Fox has accepted Disney’s deal, shareholders will still have to vote on the proposal before the deal is permanent.

The sale would also include Fox’s 30-percent stake in Hulu. Comcast already owns 30 percent of Hulu so this deal would give it majority control of the online video service. Disney also has a 30-percent stake in Hulu, while Time Warner owns 10 percent of the company.