Avengers 4 Title Leaked!



The internet, the MCU fans including myself have been so thirsty with the Avengers 4 title to be released by Marvel Studios. It has been said that the title to the upcoming 2019 film will give away too much of the plot of the film so Kevin Feige and the Russo Brothers have not released the official title of the movie to the public, the efforts to keep the title secret has been backfiring all over the place.

With Infinity War leaving fans with a million questions and having to wait a whole year for the next film, fans have taken to the internet to speculate possible titles for the film.

Some of the potential titles were

Avengers: Forever (close)

Avengers: Fallen Heros 🤔

Avengers: Final Hour

Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet (nope)

However, the one title stuck with many people and even though it was shot down by the Russo brothers themselves, its back as a possibility again due to some new information.

Trent Opaloch, a cinematographer was updating his resume and added the titles of movies he worked on. This image was screen captured right before Trent revised his resume, changing the title he wrote for Avengers: End Game back to Avengers 4.


This title goes back to my previous theory about the title. Even though the Russo brothers said the real title was never spoken in the movies, Endgame was mentioned twice in the MCU. The first time it was mentioned was during first The Avengers movie when Tony said “That, that up there, that’s the Endgame!” and the second time it was mentioned was when Dr. Strange said it to Tony during the battle on Titan in Infinity War, “Were in the Endgame now”

There hasn’t been any official news relating to this discovery from Marvel Studios, I guess they don’t wanna add fuel to the fire. Only time will tell if our predictions hold true until then we still have one more MCU movie for 2018 too look forward too and that’s Antman and the Wasp hitting the theaters this week.