Antman and the Wasp Review, SPOILER PARAGRAPH AT THE END!!!


Antman and the Wasp is a fun-filled family oriented action superhero movie. It continues to appease the MCU audiences as well as new viewers with its funny characters, and witty lines. It also comes after the game-changing events of Avengers: Infinity War and is the perfect pallet cleanser. Wasp definitely steals the show and is an awesome addition to the MCU.

The movie takes place just about 2 years after the events of Civil War which sync up to the events of the Infinity War. Scott Lang is finishing up a house arrest deal with the FBI and is about 3 days from having his ankle monitor removed. Scott is also dealing with the ramifications of choosing to help Captian America in battle during Civil War and lost the trust of Dr. Pym when Scott once again stole the Antman suit to help Cap. But when Hank and Hope get into some trouble they have to get help from Scott and his “X-Con” friends to get the lab back so Hank can rescue Janet from the Quantum realm, however, things are not the same with Janet returns to reality.

The villain Ghost, turned out to be a sub-villain in the movie was underwhelming, to say the least, however, we did get a brief backstory on how Ghost got her powers. In the movie, Ghost had her own agenda and the way they introduced her to the movie wasn’t the way I expected. The Lab itself can shrink to a size almost smaller than a luggage this made it easy to be snatched up and it becomes the McGuffin in the movie.

It was difficult to determine who the main villain was in the movie, The FBI was after Hope and Hank because they refused to sign the Sokovia Accords. Hope also got into some trouble with Sonny Burch, a black market tech dealer, who wanted the Pym tech lab for his self and becomes a bit of a nuisance for the most part. Ghost and Dr. Bill Foster, on the other hand, are also after the lab so they can use the machine called the Quantum Tunnel (a gateway to the quantum realm) to collect quantum energy to heal Ghost phasing problem.

Overall I give Ant-man and the Wasp 5 stars for playing an important part in the ongoing story of the MCU and being a fun action packed film everyone will love.


Time soon catches up with our heroes during a post-credit scene where Scott enters the quantum realm to collect more quantum energy. When Scott tried to return there was no answer on the other side.  Hope, Hank, and Janet had just disintegrated along with half of all life thanks to Thanos, leaving Scott trapped in the quantum realm.