Disney/Fox Deal Complete: Whats going on with Fox’s X-Men Dark Phoenix and New Mutants movies?


Late last year we saw a teaser trailer of 20th Century Fox New Mutants movie which was supposed to be a horror film set in an asylum. The move was supposed to be released later this year. Then in early January, we saw exclusive images of X-Men: Dark Pheonix. Shown in the slideshow below. Dark Pheonix was also supposed to be released late this year.

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New Mutants teaser trailer

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Soon after these photos and New Mutants teaser trailer was released Disney set out to purchase Fox back in December. The deal was approved unanimously by shareholders of both parties just this past Friday.  This purchase includes Fox movie studios and other fox tv networks, but not the FOX news broadcasting company.

Regardless of what is expected to happen, production for both FOX/Marvel films halted, with even some of the cast not knowing what is happening with the movie. In an interview with Sophie Turner, she stated that she wasn’t sure whats happening with Dark Phoenix after the release date was pushed back to February 2019 and New Mutants expected to release August 2019. Both films creators and directors have gotten some pushback about the course of the films and both are expected to get reshoots, this explains the year-long gap between the completion of filming and the release of New Mutants teaser trailer. However, I think that because of Disney’s intention to purchase Fox Studios Fox decided to hold off on the release of the movies until after the merger is complete.

According to sources the plot of Xmen: Dark Phoenix was released and some say is bad, like really bad, like worse than Fantastic 4 reboot bad. You can view the alleged plot here, X-Men Dark Phoenix plot.

When Disney started to purchase FOX it seems that this business merger halted production of both films, but Dark Phoenix finished filming in October of 2017 and had a pre-screening of the movie.  There hasn’t been any other news, promotional coverages, or trailers released since the New Mutants trailer was released last year.

Other news postings state that Fox canceled the movies and that Disney plans to reboot the X-Men franchise within the MCU, however other sources say this isn’t the case.

Disney will give permission of X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool to Marvel Studios, now that the character rights have been acquired.

Disney doesn’t want to do anything with the Deadpool’s future movies as far as making it PG13, and if they introduce Deadpool into an MCU movie they probably will clean up the character a bit to appease a mixed audience. Disney likes what fox has done with that character and franchise. Deadpool comes from a more graphic part of Marvel and his movies reflect that. However with X-men, they will be finding a way to introduce them into the MCU, but I don’t expect to see a full-blown Xmen Avengers MCU movie until 2024. With Dark Pheonix and New Mutants production put on pause I wouldn’t put an MCU crossover mid-credit scene past them. They still have time to film a scene since both movies were pushed back. This could tie in some storylines and open the door for a massive Marvel Crossover movie in the future.

Disney/Marvel has completed their movie releases for 2018, until next year when Captain Marvel, Avengers 4, and Spider-Man Far from Home his theaters.