Tupac cold case reopened

As most unsolved cases go, it will be years before investigators find out who did the deed. Almost 22 years ago Tupac was murdered in a drive-by shooting, where Pac later died in a hospital.

Former gang member Duane K. Davis, aka Keffe D. admitted to being in the driver of the car that contained Tupac’s murderer. His confession comes from a USA network interview for Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G

During the interview, Davis also claimed he was in the vehicle with two other southside crips, and his cousin Orlando “Baby Lane” Anderson who was in the back seat.

An assertion was also made during BET’s Death Row Chronicles, “It just came from the back seat” Davis said in the Chronicles.

“People have been pursuing me for 20 years, I’m coming out now because I have cancer and I have nothing else to lose. All I care about now is the truth” Davis said in the interview.

Tupac’s murder has gone unsolved for almost 22 years. There has been speculation to tie in Anderson who was caught on tape being assaulted by Pac, Suge Knight, and other members of the Death Row entourage 3 hours before the shooting that killed Pac occurred on the Las Vegas strip on September 7th, 1996.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department made a statement to the New York Daily News.

” We are aware of the statements made in a BET interview regarding the Tupac case. As a result of these statements, we have spent the past several months reviewing the case in its entirety” 

Various reports about an arrest warrant being submitted are inaccurate. The case remains an open homicide case” 

In the 90’s, gang members were being killed left and right, it was something

In another report from 3 News Las Vegas, an officer Chris Carroll who was on the scene after the shooting occurred stated that he attempted to get Pac to identify the person who shot him but according to the officer Pac refused. Keffe D. who was driving stated that Anderson opened fire on the white BMW that Shug and Pac were in. However, Anderson later died in 1998 after his involvement in a shootout near Compton High School in Compton, California. It is unknown if the shootout was in retaliation for the Tupac’s death. However, if Anderson was guilty of murdering Tupac his judgment has been served the non-legal way.

Carroll stated that they knew Anderson was the one who pulled the trigger, killing Tupac. Law enforcement and the gang community all knew that Anderson was the shooter, however, there was no hard proof and not enough witnesses told the truth.

The documentary sparked outrage, fans calling for Keffe D. to be arrested however we all know it’s not that simple. Yes, Keffe D. was the driver and he knew who killed Tupac but not everyone can be an accomplice to murder right off the back. Altho there was no official statement stating that Keffe D. knew what Anderson had planned he was still present at the scene of the crime which is supposed to make Keffe D. an accessory to murder.

With these statements being made by people who were accomplices during the murder its a possibility that this cold case may finally be put to rest for good. I do believe that it is finally time to know the truth about Tupac’s death and Biggies too.

Currently, there have been no arrests, however, according to this information, the truth is out there and someone will probably suffer the consequences.

If you ask me, I think at this point after 22 years what is done is done. The story is there, and the truth came out so they should close the case as it is with the new information. Anderson killed Tupac and died 2 years later during the shootout, while the investigation was still occurring.