Marvel Studios wants James Gunn back, Kevin Feige in talks with Disney


The ongoing developing news regarding James Gunn directing Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and continue working for Marvel Studios and Disney is picking up some steam. President of Marvel Studios has spoken about the firing of James Gunn and according to reports from THR, Kevin was “livid” when he found one of his top producers and director James Gunn had been fired by Disney after the smear campaign ran by political commentator Mike Cornovich exposed decade-old “poor taste” tweets by Gunn.

Since James Gunn was fired from Disney, this made him a big target for other studios to pursue him to either write or direct their movies. The latest news is that DC Films and Warner Brothers Studios are trying to book Gunn for their future films. It seems this news has triggered Marvel Studios to fight for their beloved Director.

After Disney fired James, they received instant backlash from over 300K fans, the cast of GOTG, and a few other friends and family of Gunn. However, this outpour of support did not convince Disney to reconsider their decision, as their decision seemed final.

Dave Batista who portrays the character Drax in Guardians of The Galaxy has been outspoken saying that “If they don’t at least use his script, I’m going to find a way to be released from my contractual obligations” “They can recast me, or find a way to write me off the movie”

Other reports suggest that James screenplay for 2020’s Guardians of the Galaxy vol 3, will still be used for the movie. With Kevin Feige saying he wants Gunn’s vision to be the foundation of the movie even if he can’t convince Disney to let him direct it.

The controversy behind Gunn’s termination from Disney is an ongoing issue, some people are outright calling Gunn a downright pedophile, only going off on what he had tweeted back then. Disney’s quick decision to fire Gunn was so that the public eye can see that the company acted accordingly to the developing news. However, because Disney did not have all the facts about the whole situation this caused them to received tremendous backlash since Gunn was targeted by a smear campaign designed to use current social media politics to get him exposed and potentially fired.

There are numerous reports circulating the internet covering the multiple pieces of information regarding the status of Gunn’s relationship with Marvel and Disney.  However, there hasn’t been any official statement from either Marvel Studios or Disney directly confirming or denying any information.

This is not just about the movies being made, it’s about the company and how they treated a partnership with someone who made a public change to their own livelihood over the past 10 years. Someone who decided to dedicate their skills to the upliftment and continuation of an incredible franchise to only have the company turn their back on him for old news.

I still stand behind my previous blog about this story, I think Disney should have stood by Gunn during this heinous attempt to destroy his career, simply because he was vocal about our current administration.

I will be continuing to monitor this story as it develops.