Captain Marvel’s Uniform: Infinity War Easter Egg and what the colors represent?


A Reddit user discovered an easter egg in the recent Avengers: Infinity War movie, now that the movie is on home video, fans are able to comb through scenes and discover more easter eggs in the film. The image below shows the scene when Cull Obsidian aka (Black Dwarf in the comics) and Ebony Maw arrive in New York to retrieve the time stone from Dr. Strange.

Screenshot, Avengers Infinity War Act 1: Battle for the time stone, Cull Obsidian and Ebony Maw approach Dr. Strange, Tony Stark, Wong, and Dr. Banner.

If you look close at Cull’s waist, he is wearing a red blue and gold scarf, same colors as what Captain Marvel wears.

I searched the internet for some information regarding Captain Marvel’s costume colors because they have to represent something. I didn’t find anything that talks about why the red, blue and gold was important, however, I did find some information regarding where the original Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) got his costume from.

In the comics, the Kree empire is a military dictatorship so this causes some of the Kree to disagree with this form of government.  Some kind of rebellion was formed, and a Kree minister Zarek along with Ronan manipulated Mar-Vell to overthrow the Supreme Intelligence. The Supreme Intelligence is an artificial intelligence that rules the Kree empire. Ronan and Zarek give Mar-Vell a new costume with new abilities to aid him in his mission. This costume happens to be the red, blue and gold we see now in the comics and what Carol wears.

If you didn’t know before, Captain Marvel gets her new look from Mar-Vell, she wears a similar outfit and colors as a tribute to honor him after his death.

I am speculating that the colors must represent a Kree rebellion after seeing Cull wearing those colors in the photo and in the movie.

Cull must have been apart of the Kree rebellion during an earlier time in the off-screen part of the MCU altho Cull is not Kree, and a rebellion is usually made up of various different races that fight for the same cause. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cull was apart of that rebellion. We don’t know much about Cull or the Black Order’s history so there is not much to go on in the MCU at this point. We do know that Thanos travels from planet to planet conquering civilizations and taking what he now calls his children.

If the scarf Cull Obsidian is wearing has something to do with Captain Marvel this is a cool easter egg find.