Cutting the cord, Alternative TV/Cable options


With the price of cable at an all time high, its hard to keep paying for a service that only gets more expensive over time. Comcast and Verizon are the top leading TV and internet providers in the nation. People tend to feel obligated to subscribe or sign up for a long term contract with these companies.

Comcast for example charges fees to use what they call “HD Technology”. So you just got your brand new 4k TV, and now you have to pay an additional $10.99 on top of the one cable box rental of $10.99.

These companies charge a service fee for basic cable at $39.99 or $49.99 or even more on some packages. So if you have internet and cable you could be paying close to $200 per month with taxes and fees.

Some people are cutting the cord because they refuse to pay the absurd prices these companies charge. Im here to show you some alternative TV options. Please note you still must have an internet connection for this.

First thing to do is equip your TV’s with digital antennas, you can a decent antenna from Wal-Mart for less than $10 dollars. Set up your TV’s with this to get your basic over the air channels, like the NEWS and your local networks.

Then move on to the streaming services. There are several to choose from, it’s best to understand what devices support what applications. Not all streaming devices are created equal. For example, you can’t stream Amazon Video on your Android TV, and some TV on Demand apps are not available on all platforms.

So you have to choose what channels are more important to you, and choose that option.

The cool thing about subscription TV services is that you can suspend or cancel them without penalty and restart them when your ready to jump back in.

Here is a list of some paid and free live TV options.

Sling TV – Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, Apple TV 4th Gen, and some Smart TV’s
Philo TV – Apple TV 4th Gen, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku.
YouTube TV (pricey) – Android TV, Cromecast, Roku, Apple TV 4th Gen, Xbox one and 360

Direct TV NOW – Amazon Fire TV Edition Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV streaming player (2nd generation), Amazon Fire TV Cube, Amazon Fire TV Stick (2nd generation), Apple, TV (4th generation), Chromecast Built-in TV (Select models only), Chromecast (2nd generation), Roku (select models), Samsung 2017 & 2018 Smart TV models

Hulu Live (pricey) -Android phones and tablets
Apple TV (4th gen or later)
Fire Tablets
Fire TV and Fire TV Stick
iPhones and iPads
LG TV (select models)
Nintendo Switch
Roku and Roku Stick (select models)
Samsung TV (select models)
Xbox 360
Xbox One

Pluto TV (free) – iOS mobile & tablet
Android mobile & tablet
Android TV
Google Nexus Player
Google Chromecast
Chrome Web App
Amazon Kindle Fire
Amazon Fire TV
Amazon Fire TV Stick
Roku (Players supported)
Apple TV (4th Generation)

Fubo TV -Android smartphones
Android tablets
Apple TV (4th Generation only)
Amazon Fire TV


You can save money by getting rid of cabe, however you  will be limiting youself to a few networks. Hulu is the best place to get next day air shows, but they have limited networks and shows that allow streaming. Hulu has exclusive content that can only be viewed on Hulu, such as The Handmaids Tale, Castle Rock, and the Runnaways.

Netflix is still very popular with their commercial free content, and is still the top ondemand streaming service avalable. They continue to stay ontop with almost weekly releases of original movies and TV shows, like Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, and Ozark. Netflix has already made planns to release over 40 more movies and TV shows on their platform this year.

I have gone cable-less for the last 2 years and I havent looked back.