Tessa Thompson NOT in Avengers 4


Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are currently filming a Men in Black spin off. They had left London to fly to Atlanta to do some reshoots. Chris had confirmed that he was going to be doing some Avengers stuff over the weekend at the Atlanta studio, Tessa was with him at the time they left London and was also going to Atlanta.

Many speculators jumped the gun stating that Tessa was reprising her role as Valkyrie in Avengers 4, however that is not the case.

In his instagram story Chris, Tessa and their crew were leaving Atlanta to fly to Vancouver to shoot more Men In Black.

The last clip he had asked Tessa how the Creed 2 reshoots went and she giggled. She didn’t actually confirm that she was doing Creed 2 reshoots, since it would be cutting it close to the movies premier date November 21st, although its not out of the question rather or not Creed 2 would be doing some reshoots this late in production.

However according to Tessas IMDb page she is not listed to be filming anything for Avengers, however she does have a few other films in the works.

We do know that Marvel likes to keep things a secret and hide things from fans until the movie is released, so it’s not completely out of the question that Tessa did a few clips on the Avengers set as Valkyrie, it’s just not confirmed that she did.

You can view Chris’s insta story here.