Its something that has been happening way to often lately, with in the entertainment business and other organizations across the world.

It hasn’t been a big problem in the past, most people don’t pay much attention to specificly casting choices in movies and in TV shows.

We all heard about Kelly Marie Tran leaving instagram, Ruby Rose leaving social media, and countless other actors and actresses who have received a lot of hate from fans on social media platforms.

This form of hate is harassment, and is the same as bullying however people still do it despite how harmful it can be to a persons mental health.

Maybe they don’t think the celebrity will ever see the comment? Maybe they think its not as harmful as it may seem?

None of this matters once the person reads the comments, even if they don’t take it seriously it still sits with them, makes them feel like maybe there not enough, or not good enough to play this role, or do this job.

When Gal Gadot was cast to play Wonder Woman in the hit DC Comic Book movie, not everyone was on board with the casting choice, some saying she didn’t look the part, and she didn’t seem athletic enough or had the body to play a amazon woman. I was one of the ones who had doubts about the cast choice however I did’t sound off on my opinion. My opinion shortly changed once I saw the first trailer for her movie, and saw her in action in Batman Vs Superman.

I think one of the problems is the way we communicate now. We have Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Celebrities are on there, regular people are on there, everyone is on there, at least the people who enjoy social media. I don’t like how its advertised when a casting announcement is made because people are either going to embrace the choice, or drag it through the dirt.

Some of the backlash is racially charged, and sometimes its charged by the sexual orientation of the actual person or the character they are playing and sometimes the backlash comes from when a

Everyone has an opinion and thats fine, but when your opinion turns into hate slurs it hurts the target person. They may not sound off about it but they do become upset. Just learning that a celebrity left social media due to backlash for a role they picked up, or a job they took is enough to say they were hurt by what was said about them.

The bottom line is that NOBODY likes to be trash talked, and NOBODY likes to be put down because of their race or sexual orientation. So we shouldn’t treat people like this no matter how we feel about them.