So X-Men Dark Phoenix trailer…

So we finally get to see the trailer for the delayed, reshoot, almost “canceled” Fox X-Men movie titled Dark Phoenix. The trailer debut on The late night show with James Corbin’s at 12:30AM with Sophie Turner as a guest last Wednesday.

For lack of better words I wasn’t fully impressed and here is why.

The first thing I noticed in the trailer was how depressing it was, we know that Jean is dealing with the phoenix force being locked up inside of her. We also find out that Charles did something to her when she was a little girl to keep the phoenix powers dormant, so flashbacks are involved.

What I don’t understand is how she got the force in the first place. It had to have taken place before Apocalypse. So I think what we see in the trailer actually took place before Apocalypse.

The other thing I hated was the ugly costumes they were wearing.

One of my favorite moments at the end of Apocalypse was when they were in the danger room wearing these really cool costumes.


So I don’t know what the fu@& this is!


Another thing that irritates me a bit is how Mystique is leading the X-Men and is not with the Brotherhood. I know they made some changes in character roles for the movie but Mystique was never a X-Men at least not in the full sense, she was a tricky character only really choosing to help when it benefited her. They was able to stop Mystique from assassinating Trask in Days of Future Past, this turn of events sent the character in a different path. It seems as if they are trying to create a version of Mystique that caters more to Lawrence tastes rather than the comic book persona of Mystique. I would rather see a evil version of Mystique.


Either way I hope this movie lives up to the standards of fans. The X-Men movies haven’t been a big hit when it comes to critical details, but there were some great moments in the franchise.

With Disney taking ownership of most of 21st Century Fox its only a matter of time before Marvel Studios starts incorporating mutants in the MCU, either with a reboot or some other way, this may in fact be the last X-Men movie from Fox.

Update: Dark Phoenix was set to release on February 14th 2019, Fox has now released a revised 2019 film release schedule movie Dark Phoenix to sometime in June of 2019.