Venom: Movie Review


So I saw Venom over the weekend and it wasn’t a bad movie. Before I get into why I thought the movie was good, I will share with you what I didn’t like about the move.

First, although it had some strong acting, Tom Hardy put on a great performance, the tone of the movie was a little rocky at first. Some of the other acting in the movie was a bit meh. Lines that should have been delivered a certain way came out sub par in my opinion.

The movie dragged in the beginning, but I could guess the direction the plot was going in. I also counted one plot hole in the movie, it had something to do with how the main villain didn’t know who broke into the lab and had to ask his associate, you would think with a high security science research facility you would think they could have just reviewed security footage to find that out.

Even though the movie had a few set backs, it was entertaining, funny, and action packed. It wasn’t all over the place like the critics on Rotten tomatoes said it was. I enjoyed it very much, and would recommend others interested in this kind of film to see it as well.

I’m giving Venom a 7.9/10 for pace, comedy, and action.