Gas Saving apps & tips

With high gas prices people do their best to find the best price per gallon to fill up their tanks.

For the past year I have been using the Gas Buddy app to locate the best price per gallon in my area. Gas Buddy also introduced a gas card, that helps you save $.05 cents or more per gallon on each visit and can be used at many local gas stations. It doesn’t seem like much, but it does add up.

So far I have saved around $25.00 dollars since I have signed up. Like I said it not significant since I have only used the gas card for a year but every little bit counts.

How it works is that you link your bank account to the Gas Buddy app, Gas Buddy will issue you a fancy Gas Buddy card, it works just like a credit card, except 2-3 business days later your account will be debited the discounted amount that you spent at the pump. It will even work if you purchased a carwash with your fill up.

For example, I spent $47.80 at the pump, Gas Buddy will only debit $47.11 from my account. I saved $0.69 cents from that fill up.

The other gas saving option I have tried out is the Get Up Side app. The app lets you take a photo of of your gas receipt and it will refund you up to $0.04 cents off your price per gallon. The app lets you send the refunded money to your Pay Pal account, or into a gift card of your choice. There are several issues with the Get Up Side app, the first problem is that the service is only offered at select stations. On the app it shows me that I can only use Gulf/Marathon and Shell stations. There aren’t any of these stations in a convenient location near me, so already its not helpful.

The second problem with Get Up Side is that, in order for you to get your refunded money off the app, you have to pay a transfer fee of $1.00 dollar. As for the digital gift card options, the minimum amount you can cash out for those are $10.00 dollars. So you would have to visit the select stations several times which could take up to 6 months for a regular commuter.

The third problem with Get Up Side is that you can’t just visit the station to fill up, you have to tell the app which station your going to visit before hand and they give you a 4 hour window to visit the station, fill up and snap a photo of the receipt and submit it. It doesn’t sound like a lot but it can be especially when you have to look for a gas station that you can use the Get Up Side app with.

Also the select gas stations are not exactly cheaper anyway, you might visit a Shell station and notice that the price for regular a the BP across the street is $0.03 cents cheaper anyway.

Gas Buddy not only helps you locate the lowest price for gas in your area, it saves you an additional cost per gallon, making it a much better option in my opinion.

Also some gas stations offer rewards if you have a rewards card with some grocery stores, but again these rewards cards limit you to one gas station like Shell or BP.

I just wanted people to know that there are money saving options out there, but my #1 option for saving money on gas is the Gas Buddy app.