CW’s Charmed: Episode 1 Review and breakdown

I don’t completely hate it… yet

So I just watched the first episode of the CW’s new Charmed.

I am a die hard Charmed fan of the original series, and I’ve seen every season at least 50 times.

This new show its a lot of things but its not horrible. I think a lot of the old fans are bashing it because they didn’t like the idea of there being a new Charmed series without the original cast. We wanted the return of the original cast of Charmed but it didn’t happen.

This new take on the very core of what Charmed was is present in the new series, for what it is, it it setting up to be a good series if it’s done right.

The first episode takes off like a rocket right into orbit, the long lost sister finds her sisters right after their mother is killed, and the girls vanquish their first demon, and learn to use their powers very quickly, which for me is odd and it felt rushed, like they wanted to get things going right away.

The executive producer, writer and developer Jennie Snyder Urman, known for the CW series Jane the Virgin, is known to write very good plot twisty shows. Jane the Virgin is currently rated at 100% on rotten tomatoes. Currently Charmed 2018 episode 1 is rated at 70% on rotten tomatoes, with a 33% audience score.

Fun fact although I love Charmed, the first season was not my favorite for a lot of reasons, so although I saw every episode its not a season I go back to on purpose.

The show is also very political, with the “Me too” campaign running on the college campus, and the first major demon was an old college professor who was let back into the school after he was exonerated for harassment. It turned out that he was a demon attempting to put his self in a position to kill the sisters.

One of the things I noticed in the first episode was the reference to Melinda Warren, an ancestor to the witches bloodline. The photo drawing you see here in the Book of Shadows looks like the woman who played Melinda in the original series, and is the first major reference in the new series. IMG_3214.JPG

Some brief education about Charmed, the power of three could only be accessed by three sister witches that are tied to the Warren bloodline. So who’s to say that these new sisters are’t children of the Warren family in some way. As this season progresses we may catch more references and find out how these three sisters are apart of a much bigger idea.

The core premise of Charmed is that the sisters are a force of good magic in the world, and the underworld is a congregation of evil demons and warlocks who want to tip the balance of power back to evil and will stop at nothing until the Charmed ones are either dead, they kill one sister, or are successful at turning the Charmed ones evil.


Harry Greenwood is supposed to be the Charmed ones whitelighter and mentor although at the end of episode 1, as the girls try to talk to their late mother via Ouija board, the words “DONT TRUST HARRY” are spelled out as Harry appears in the attic in the shadows. I took this as the mother trying to warn the girls that he can’t be trusted, and maybe he’s not their for their best interest, maybe he’s not a whitelighter maybe he is another supernatural creature trying to gain the trust of the sisters so he can kill them. This is the type of plot twists that was present in the original series, and if you watched Jane the Virgin, you know Jennie tricked audiences often so I’m guessing that the same kind of writing will take place in this series as well.

Im not going to bash the series like other Charmed fans. Im going to take it with a fresh mind and not compare it with the original.

With that being said I will be posting weekly reviews and breakdowns of each episode and help others understand what’s going on.

Im going to give this one a shot. Thanks for reading.