It’s not a AFRO! AND It’s not OFFENSIVE!!!

We are living in an age where anything someone does is offensive, you can’t do anything with out first evaluating if it’s going to offend someone somewhere.

Recently Kendall Jenner did a vogue photo shoot and she rocked this teased up hair that brought together her entire look. When I first saw the photo I realized it was focusing on the victorian era when woman wore their hair like that. I though the photo was beautiful and she looked great.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 10.51.35 AM

Let’s get a few things clear so we can move on, Kendall Jenner is mixed with a few different races, as most of us are. It doesn’t matter how her hair was done for the photo shoot, I don’t think Vogue should have apologized to the public. It wasn’t offensive.

I think this was a just an attack on Kendall because she was the source of some other controversial social issues in the past, and she has been kind of tone deaf to these instances, or she just doesn’t care and is unbothered by peoples outrage.

The other point, is how ethnic woman feel about the their hair styles being stolen, like a piece of their culture is being used for other people to make money off of.

Someone even said, why not use a woman with a natural afro for the photo, but I don’t think her hair was supposed to be an afro in the first place, It’s definitely not an afro.

Other social media sites were pushing the story saying that there was a lot of backlash from the photo. The comments on the photo on Vogue’s instagram page were mixed, some people saying there was nothing wrong with her hair and some sayin it wasn’t culturally appropriate.

People need to stop with this mess, especially when other ethnic woman will wear their hair blond straight with bangs. Look at celebrities like Beyonce, Niki Minaj, Eve. All these woman at some point in their life wore their hair that didn’t match their ethnicity, and they are still doing it and other woman do it too. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s not a problem. I know there was a time when African men and woman couldn’t wear their hair in its natural state because it wasn’t acceptable in the work place. Hair discrimination is still a small problem in some areas of the world but its not a big issue anymore.

We need to stop being so upset with everything everyone else does, and start focusing on personal issues within ourselves, like why are we so angry.

Have a great day!