Why I’m pissed with Apple right NOW!

So everyone knows between September and October, Apple releases new products. New Apple Watch, new phone line ups and new computers. All of this comes with a new OS update to support the new hardware and brings new life to older devices.

This year apple disappointed me again when they released the new iPhone, the iPhone XS and XS Max. The phone is no doubt a high quality phone, with superb features that surpass its competitors. However the problem I have with the new phone is the price tag, the fact that Apple still won’t do anything about its charging cables and the fact that users didn’t have full access to all the features they mentioned in the Keynote and had to wait until the last week of October for the other half of the OS update. The fact that it’s 2018 and Apple still won’t utilize micro SD card technology.

iPhone users were hoping to be able to use the feature in the IOS 12 update however that w as not the case when IOS 12 was released.

Same with the Apple Watch. When the watch 4 was released many users were disappointed when they couldn’t use the ECG feature fresh out the box.

Apple released a ‘watchOS’ update yesterday that did not include the ECG feature yet, but then pulled it back when users reported that the update ‘bricked’ their watches, keeping the watch on the apple logo screen and not progressing.

Apple did release a statement saying “We are aware of the issue and are working on a fix”

My whole problem with Apple right now, is that if they were beta testing issues and testing the OS, why wasn’t this problem taken care of before the release?

People spend a hefty amount of money on their products and it’s not always worth it.

Apple needs to fix their charge cable problems, and offer a bugles OS when it’s released and not put users through this crap every year.