Dine and Dash: Exposed!

Everyone is ready to jump on the bandwagon when we see any act of racism. This was the case over the weekend when a group of minority males entered a Minissota Chipotle to get some food.

The group was refused service because the employees and the manager were under the impression that the group was not able to pay for their food.

Apparently the group had come into the restaurant before and could not pay for their food and the employees remembered them from that encounter.

When the group returned another day for food the employees were told not to serve them.

One of the men from the group recorded this encounter and posted it on twitter and tagged @Chipotletweets in efforts to report the discrimination being committed at their restaurant. 

With the climate of discrimination in restraints Chipotle quickly fired the manager and retrained the employees. However new information surfaced on the “victims” account page providing insight that the group had been “dining and dashing” for a few years and this wasn’t the first time they made the attempt. 

The group made it look like they were being discriminated against even though the manager had recognized the group and knew they did not pay the last time they were there.

You can view the video via this link to twitter, 

The following tweets show how Masud Ali and his friends plan to visit other restaurants, eat and leave without paying. 

The phone is a powerful tool, with the ability to instantly capture footage and send it to millions of people. Even footage that may seem legitimate may be used to trick people into thinking somethings happening even though it’s not. 

Now we have people setting up plans to make it look like they are being discriminated against however they are just creating unnecessary controversy. It’s sickening when people use racism for personal gain. There are so many things wrong with that and I hope Masud Ali and his friends get what they deserve.