Trailers Trailers and More Trailers!!!

This has been a big week for Marvel with yesterdays release of Captain Marvel 2nd trailer. And now there are reports of Avengers 4 trailer being released this Friday and on top of that Spider Man Far from home trailer is being released on Saturday.

Spider Man: Far From Home is still a Sony movie they don’t have to follow the same laws that Marvel does as part of Disney with when trailers release but I do think this is the first time Marvel Studios is releasing trailers for 2 different movies in the same week.

It has also been reported that the upcoming Spider Man film takes place moments after the events of Avengers 4 so it will be interesting to see how they cut the trailer to help us understand post “snap”.

We should all know by now that the trailers are made to trick us, make us think something that’s untrue about the film.

We know Marvel will continue keeping secrets until the films are released they want to keep everything unpredictable and fresh in the films.

You can currently view the new Captain Marvel trailer here.

And stay tuned for the next two trailers to be released hopefully at the end of this week.

🎥 Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel – Trailer 2