Avengers: Endgame!

So we got our first look at the 4th installment to the Avengers franchise from Marvel Studios.

The Avengers: Endgame teaser trailer and poster came out this morning, and although the trailer is a bit underwhelming it confirmed a few things for me.

So the first thing, is that Tony aka Iron Man is still alive for now, he and Nebula managed to escape Titan on the Guardians ship The Benatar. However it seems they have run out of resources are now adrift in space with no possible RESCUE. (Im gonna come back to that)

The trailer is a bit long on some scenes, specifically the beginning where Tony is leaving a message for Pepper in hopes that she will get it and find out that he is going to die in space.

Another scene shows that Steve Rogers, Natasha, Bruce and Thor make it back to the Avengers headquarters to regroup, and try to come to grips with their current new reality and figure out how to fix it.

I think before that, Natasha finds Clint aka Hawkeye and informs him of what happened, then as a surprise to everyone Scott Lang aka Ant-Man shows up at the Avengers headquarters to get help. How he managed to get from San Francisco to upstate New York is beyond me. It may have something to do with that van and the quantum tunnel machine inside it. If you haven’t seen Ant-Man and the Wasp, first of all how dare you!

My other story theory is that while Tony is in space adrift, Captain Marvel while on her way back to Earth finds the Benatar and discovers that Nebula and Tony are in it, she rescues them and helps them get back to Earth.

I also think that Pepper gets Tony’s message and uses the Rescue armor to try and save Tony.

Gwyneth Paltrow posted a photo over a month ago in Stark tech armor on the set of the Avengers movie, we can only guess that she finally puts on her Rescue armor since Tony is in need of saving.

Also I like how The Russo’s lied about the title when we discovered it 6 months ago. And remember the title leak from the resume guy. Looks like that was legit too. And that cryptic post the Russo’s posted on Instagram trolling the internet and had us trying to break the code.

I rest my case.

It looks like Marvel is trying to get all their upcoming movie trailers for 2019 before the end of the year, Spider-Man Far from Home trailer is set to release tomorrow 12/8.

You can check out the teaser trailer for Marvels Avengers: Endgame right here.

Thanks again for reading.