Kenan in talks with Kel and the higher ups for a possible Good Burger 2

Kenan shared with Andy Coen on watch what happens live about possibly doing a Good Burger 2, and that he and Kel have been in contact and have squashed their beef. (No pun intended)

If you don’t remember Kenan said in a interview that he doesn’t want anything to do with Kel.

This was taken out of context because Kenan meant in terms of work. They were kind of a package deal due to their on screen friendship and chemistry. They were a hit back in the late 90’s on All That and The Kenan and Kel Show.

So Kenan wanted to establish his self as a actor and a comedian, he joined the cast of Saturday Night Live, were he has been on the sketch show for 15 years.

Kel on the other hand auditioned for SNL but didn’t make it past the audition process, he said in a interview that he was a “bit too crazy” for SNL.

Nonetheless, Kenan and Kel may be sharing the camera again as they are talking about working on “Good Burger 2” the sequel to their hit 90s movie based on a knock off fast food place that was part of an ongoing sketch on “All That”

As of now the movie is in it’s early stages of development.

I will definitely update this blog as new information is presented.