DC’s Aquaman | Non-Spoiler Review

So this past weekend I got to see DC’s Aquaman before it releases this coming weekend, thanks to an Amazon prime exclusive viewing at select theaters. The theater was packed with amazon prime members who took advantage of this offer. 

So the movie, it was actually good for what it was, it was very adventures, however there were some pit falls here and there, some of the acting was either over the top or not enough emotion during some scenes. I do have to say its tough sometimes doing movies based on comics because you can’t really capture the emotions and apply them to live action, so actors often have to try and figure out how the character would behave. Its either a hit or miss.

There were some transition scenes that were very long for no reason, for example there was a scene where Arthur and Mera were traveling to Atlantis and entire scene was just the vehicle they were traveling in moving through the deep sea, there was no conversation during this travel, it would have been great to see Arthur and Mera have some dialogue during this travel.

There was an early review of the move where the reviewer said that it felt like he was watching a movie about an aquarium and I had to laugh at this because the movie is called Aquaman, its a movie about an underwater city and a man who can talk to fish. Of course it’s gonna seem like an aquarium.

There was a pollution element to the movie, basically the Atlantans head council was debating rather or not to start a war against the surface world because of the ongoing pollution problem that’s poisoning the sea, which is still a relatable issue.

The fight scenes were basic, nothing spectacular about the fighting styles, to be clear I’ve seen a lot of action movies, and a lot of super hero movies, and nothing impresses me anymore, but I’ll let you know if something does.

Although Aquaman doesn’t make you want to go back and see it again overall I enjoyed the film and I think its worth checking out in theaters.

Then go check out the Aquaman trailer on You Tube.