Netflix “Choose your story” has arrived in a Black Mirror movie

Check your Netflix, you are in for a surprise. Netflix has just released their first of hopefully many original movies that will allow you to choose the outcome of the movie it self.

A few months ago there was news that Netflix was working on a interactive series where you can literally choose how the story unfolds by making a choice during a prompt at particular moments in the movie. The choices you make determine the outcome, similar too books from the 80’s where you would skip ahead in the book of you decided on what happens next.

Production says there is over 5 hours of footage for the film so the length of the film is undetermined, and is based on your choices.

Black Mirror is a Netflix Original anthology series currently in it’s 4th season that explores common techo paranoia, each episode is different and takes you on a unexpected journey in unique worlds.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is now available on Netflix but there’s a catch, the interactive movie is limited to some platforms. Currently Apple TV and Google Chromecast as well as older streaming tech won’t work if it can’t update.

You can watch the movie trailer here.