Spider Man Far from Home Trailer released

Early this morning Tom Holland was on Instagram live and he shared a short clip of the trailer but the sound was out of sync, then moments later Sony and Marvel posted the trailer on their social media platforms, including You Tube moments later.

So our friendly neighborhood spider man is back in an all new film with Jake Gyllenhaal staring as the vileness Mysterio.

A plot theory suggests that Jakes character Quentin Beck aka Mysterio isn’t a villain in the movie, however I think Mysterio is causing some of the problems in the movie in order to make his self look like a hero.

So we all know by now what happens to Peter in Infinity War, so I can’t wait to see how he returns. Of course they don’t mention anything about the decimation in the trailer obviously to keep everything under wraps until the film comes out in April. We get to see Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury return who was also dusted in a post credit scene in Infinity War.

Take a look at the trailer for Spider Man Far from home, then see the movie when it hits theaters on July 5th, 2019!