Secret Ghostbusters movie, out in 2020!

Although it’s not so secret anymore, yesterday we learned Up in the Air and Juno filmmaker Jason Reitman has been quietly working on a secret Ghostbusters movie.

This morning, EW can reveal there’s already a video teaser for the 2020 project.

Shhhh … it may not be hush-hush anymore, but you’re going to want to put on some earphones and listen closely.

So this move will apperently take place in the same universe as the original 2 Ghostbusters movies. The 2016 Ghostbusters film with Melissa McCarthy was set in a alternative Universe where the busters were woman instead of men. Although it wasn’t received well by critics it was still a fun film to watch.

This movie is so top secret plot details about Reitmans Ghostbusters film is still hush hush, and no castings have been revealed. All we can do now is wait. We will continue to follow this movies development.

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