SuperBitch movie!?

Lee Daniels reveals plans to make a “Super Bitch movie” staring the instagram sensation from Washington DC Dremon Cooper the 19 year old known on instagram as hesosoutheast.

If you haven’t seen Dremon’s videos please check his instagram page @hesosoutheast the kid is talented!

We’ve seen people do back flips and all kinds of stunts on the internet, but over never see anyone sick a landing in high-heal pink boots!

The creator behind Empire and has his name attached to hits like Precious, The Butler and Monster’s Ball.

Lee Daniels says that about 12 years ago one of his dreams was to make a gay superhero film, now he has found his super hero.

Dremon grew up in southeast Washington D.C. and into the ballroom community as Destiny West, Cooper spoke to OUT earlier this year and revealed a love of agile superheroes.

Although this is not Marvel or DC its definitely something we should look out for. There are no other details on this films development, however please know GQ Bloggs will follow its development and provide updates.